About Us

Sitra Breif History

Sitra was established in 1988 to a selected group of multiple activities specializing in household items, antiques, gifts and electric good manufacturing.
Sitra is the exclusive distributor of the brand 'V5' which's specialized in the field of cooling and air Conditioning and durable goods, V5 is a registered mark in each of Britain, United Arab Emirates, China and Libya.
Sitra is also the exclusive distributor of the 'MIDEA' brand which's specialized in air conditioning. Midea is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.
Sitra is the exclusive distributor of 'SANYO' Brand, Sanyo is a Japanese company specializing in the field of air conditioning and durable goods.

Our Vision
deployment in the commercial market to reach all customers all over Libya by various advertising means that resembles the name and logo of the company.
Increasing the expansion and diversification of products to meet the needs of different customers.
To achieve the desired goals each year and being able to get an increasing share in the commercial market in

Our field.
To participate in industrial projects, commercial and service enterprises and successful companies.
To be the leading company in the field of home appliances and household items.

Why Sitra?
Sitra acquired the ISO 9001 Quality certificate.
Full credibility in the efficiency of the product and It's quality.
Participation in all local and international exhibitions significantly to introduce our products to all customers.

Our Achievements
Sitra has been dealing with a number of distinctive individual clients and institutions, companies and thanks to Allah, the company has succeeded in achieving positive results in all regions of Libya with these customers, and won their satisfaction through offering them services and premium prices.
Maintenance and costumer support centers have been allocated to meet the multiple desires and needs of consumers.
More than 30 branches has been opened in all the local markets, including (Tripoli - Benghazi - Sabha - Misrata - five - Sirte - Zliten - Terhana - Zuwarah - Bani Walid - Gharyan …..and many others).

We hope that we can always gain your trust and satisfaction